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Mrs. Manjula Kumaraguru

Director, The Lords’ International School Facilitation Centre

With the establishment of a Cambridge curriculum School “The Lords’ International School”,  in Chennai, India in the year 2007, the passion to provide a worldly education ingrained into the mission and vision of our school. With constant efforts and innovative techniques to progress towards achieving the set organizational goals.  We have been thriving in the field of education, counseling, and career-building as we have consistently achieved 100% results for over a decade in CIAE A-level qualifications.

This achievement led us to think beyond the boundaries of international school education to students who have proven their academic excellence and motivated us to extend our support to the student communities further by leading them to the world’s best educational hubs to continue their higher education programs. Thus developing the “The Lords’ International School Facilitation Centre” in London, UK, A center to enable aspiring students to achieve their dream career ambitions.

A continually evolving world has now turned into a global village. We see the rise of multinational companies, and agencies across the world, which has created a wide scope for innovation and inventions in every aspect of life. It has become the need of the day to be adaptable, be global, and navigate to different parts of the world to gain the utmost knowledge with the best education in the world and create a place for themselves in their field of interest and expertise. Therefore every student needs the kind of education that allows him/her to move forward forging his/her own path in this world. To create an opportunity to foster those purposes, we endeavored to establish The Lords’ International School Facilitation Centre. With a trusted team of professionals, and our expertise in the field of education, consulting, and careers around the world, we empathize with the dreams and aspirations of each student and make them attainable by offering the best educational choices, through guidance and consultation free of cost to all Indian students. We work closely with the parents and students to facilitate the choice of the appropriate course in a reputed college / University. We maximize the opportunity for each student to secure admission to the desired course and university/college. Our team assists each student proficiently to prepare them to meet the entry criteria of the universities or colleges they have chosen, by helping them with registration, filling up the application, writing the statement of purpose, providing the Letter of Recommendation (LOR), supporting the admission process along with arrangements for accommodation. All this has been accomplished with strong, secure, and cordial relationships with the colleges and universities abroad. We welcome you all to the services of the Lords’ International School; Facilitation Centre. Wishing you all good luck and a successful career globally.

Thank you

Manjula Kumaraguru


  • To make world class education an accessible and tangible goal for students.
  • To bridge the gap between India and the rest of the world’s best educational institutions and competence.
  • To channel the students to explore and expose themselves to the world of cultural, educational, economical diversities to understand the needs of the volatile global citizenship.
  • Render free of cost services to students to motivate them to think beyond limitations and boundaries of culture, finance and differences to reach their destined career goals and dreams.


  • To support Indian students who aspire to study higher education from the best and most advanced educational institutions globally.
  • To make Indian students confident and eligible to be a more relevant and occupying part of the global village.
  • To connect the best deserving students with most desired and dreamed careers to that enhances the cultural and economic development.
  • To promise a better global community of youngsters who will be prepared to harness peace and love along with growth and sustainability.





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There are many compelling reasons to choose to study abroad. If you are looking towards a career and future which is a combination of good quality of education, new culture, better resume, wide and top notch employment prospects and global mindset. Want to get a clear vision of your future career and educational goals, choose <b>The Lords’ International School Facilitation Centre</b> and grab hold of opportunity.
Yes, all aspiring students who are ready to take a chance and take a leap of exposure and experiences, study abroad is the best choice for you. However, it is better to get a good GPA (i.e. greater than 2.0 or higher) with a minimum of 55% aggregate scores in 12<sup>th</sup> standard, with more than 80% of marks in English or with an acceptable English test score can apply to study abroad.
The minimum cumulative CGPA requirement usually varies between 5.5.00 and 9.00 on a 10.0 scale, depending on the course and the country, while more competitive programs have a higher CGPA requirement. Other requirements include a Personal Statement written by the candidate, letter of recommendation from one of your teachers/professors . The Lords’ International School Facilitation centre helps you to understand the contents and the procedures of writing an effective Personal Statement and to get an impressive Letter of Recommendation.
Language is not a barrier as long as you are going to an English-speaking country , and you are someone who is able to communicate and comprehend in English. Additionally by studying abroad you can improve your skills in English and learn other local languages which would be an addition to your time and resume .
We recommend you to start as early as possible. This will give you enough time to ponder upon your interests and research according to your personal and academic goals and aspirations. Location, course duration, costs, accommodation, and living conditions are some of the other aspects that you need to figure out along with your program. Start planning at least one year or intake in advance. Of course, we are here to help you throughout the process.