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More Than A Card Game

The Cards Dealt

I recall switching to different classrooms in the 8th grade when we decided that I’d switch syllabus to start learning under the Cambridge Curriculum. That decision has then led forth to a cascade of serendipitous events since. IGCSE and A LEVELs though stressful as any other final schooling examinations helped play a pivotal role in shaping my life. The methods of teaching I was exposed to, the type of papers I had to take, to the content I learned all helped shape me into a more analytical and application oriented learner. Nothing was straightforward schooling under Cambridge. Inquisitivity was valued over rote memory. Application more than regurgitation. This was askill I think came in handy when I answered a lot of ‘Why?’ questions filling in applications or ‘What if?’ questions posed in college classes.

Playing the cards

Reading about the avenues Cambridge opened up for me was exciting as it helped me push my boundaries. I started looking at collegiate institutions in the big leagues, shifting focus to the top 15 institutions in the world. I read bioengineering under a great institution now. At first glance it isn’t a major that many seem familiar with or really understand the specifics of. Schooling through A levels helped me realize there’s a lot more than the options laid immediately in front of you. It helped me be a bit more ambitious and pick a field that’s still growing. Bioengineering focuses on biology applied to engineering principles. I humbly consider my major a ‘jack of all trades’ track. It is niche enough to help you focus on a certain path but broad enough to help you test waters into other fields of engineering as well. A typical selection of core modules under a semester could range from learning about human anatomy to learning the workings of digital communication circuits.

Acing the cards

Bioengineering is a gateway to a promising and upcoming field of tissue engineering. Something that’s been turning heads in health care and research. It is exciting to look forward to a future where opportunities for new found ideas and techniques are valued. Other than upcoming prospects, health care is in ever growing need of BioEngineers now more than ever. But even over healthcare, a degree in Bioengineering can be a pathway to about anything, be it a field engineer or even a salesman. I am grateful to have owned the decisions I have taken and excited to see where they take me. The syllabus, the school and the track I have taken have helped me slowly realize my ambitions or even adapt to changes I want to make in my life.

Writer : Rishika Mahendiran
College: The Lords’ International School
Location: NTU, Singapore

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